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Jus Like That

Empowering students and nurses of color to lead
meaningful lives and careers! 

Professor Jus B

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The journey of nursing school and starting a nursing career can be challenging and overwhelming. Jus Like That focuses on supporting students and nurses through school and into their new careers while championing diversity.


As the world becomes increasingly digitized and tech-driven, it's clear that learning happens far beyond the traditional classroom and textbooks. 


I felt inspired to fuse social media, teaching, and my down-to-earth personality in a relatable and engaging way; and respond directly to what students need and want! 

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About Me

Hi! I'm Professor Jus B!

I'm a believer, a wife, a mom of 2 beautiful girls, and a Registered Nurse for over 15 years.

I'm passionate about empowering students and nurses of color to achieve personal and professional success.


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